Loški razgledi

Loški razgledi (tr. Journal Loški razgledi) is a publication about local history with the longest running tradition of publishing in Slovenia. The suggestion for it was given by the Musem Society Škofja Loka, which is the publisher since 1954. Arising once a year, consisting of original scientific, popular science and literary articles in the field of history, geography, ethnography, natural sciences, economics, culture and social events. Besides amateur researchers among authors are also numerous acknowledged and recognized Slovenian experts from various fields of research. In so forth 57th publications on around 19.000 pages is published around 2.000 articles from various human sciences and natural sciences, prepared by around 600 authors. Due to its rich content Loški razgledi represent Škofja Loka’s encyclopaedia and are an indispensable resource for experts and amateur readers.

Loški razgledi can be examined in digital form from 2007 onwards. The content is available for readers via the portal Digitalna knjižnica Slovenije (www.dLib.si).