Blaznikovi večeri (tr. Blaznik evenings) are discussion evenings devoted to getting to know Škofja Loka’s history. They are conceived by a presentation of themes related to various expertise areas examined in detail by experts and researchers. It is how specific areas are highlighted and thereby stimulate interest in them in broader public. Blaznikovi večeri are not conceived as lectures but as a presentation of the main theme, followed by a discussion, where different opinions are accepted.

Regarding content, Blaznikovi večeri are the continuation of Loški večeri, which were organized by the MSŠL right after the establishment at the end of thirties of previous century and continued a few years after the Second World War. At the initiative of Vinko Demšar about 25 yars ago, they were held again and named after the historian Pavle Blaznik (1903 – 1985), the cofounder and long-time president of the MSŠL.

Throughout all these years at Blaznikovi večeri many people including archaeologists, slavists, geographers, historians, philosophers, art historians co-operated. Presentations of new book releases were the most often.

Blaznikovi večeri are supposed to happen at least four times a year and besides of presented contents increase the awareness of the operation of the Museum Society Škofja Loka among Loka’s inhabitants. The MSŠL has already been taking care of preservation and protection of cultural heritage in the wider territory of Loka for more than 70 years, contributing for a loving and caring attitude towards our places and people.